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Marvel The Uncanny X-men Archangel (white Wings) 5 Action Figure (1991 Toy Biz)

Marvel The Uncanny Xmen Archangel

Toy Biz

Package Quantity: 1

Marvel The Uncanny is certainly cool to play with! I definitely loved that the toy has archangel is part of the x-men 5 inches tall action figure line. The manufacturer's number for this fantastic product is 4947. I would like for you to get the best price when selecting a toy. Please, check out the buyers market link.

Archangel is the high-flying X-Man with a knock-out secret weapon. This capability strikes terror in the hearts of evil mutants, for their very first warning of Archangel's attack is usually the impact of a single of his darts! wingtip darts filled with paralyzing fluid! Archangel can fire these darts with uncanny accuracy from any height and speed. With his amazing metal wings, Archangel is in a position to fly quicker than the speed of sound and silently attack like a striking eagle.


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