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Mystique / Romijn Stamos - X-men Movie 6 Action Figure Toy

Mystique Romijn Stamos


Package Quantity: 1

Mystique / Romijn Stamos - X-men Movie 6 Action Figure Toy will probably be your kids ultimate new action figure doll. Among the many key characteristics for this product is the these figure are not now made and are extremely collectable. Other features include things like comes boxed and made some 10 years ago. The UPC barcode for this is 035112497516. The Xmen toy is 8" Height x 12.25" Length x 2.25" Width. It weighs close to 1.65 lbs.

With her ability to appear and sound like any person she meets, Mystique is going to be the ultimate spy for Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil. --Lauren Bernard 5 inches tall and has blue-scaled reptilian skin, yellow eyes, and slick red hair. Put Mystique's shape-shifting power into action by slipping her inside inside the Wolverine character's plastic shell. Her shoulder joints are adjustable, so you can adjust the angle at which she throws her punch. Squeeze her long, slender legs together and watch her hips swivel as she throws a martial arts punch. However, it takes some effort to push her long fingernails by way of Wolverine's jacket sleeves. The six-piece, soft plastic suit, which looks just like Wolverine, slips more than Mystique's body. This action figure of Mystique stands 5.


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