The Uncanny X-Men Action Figures

Product Return Information and Refunds for

What is The Uncanny X-Men Action Figures Return Policy?

You may return most products purchased. Most items may be returned with 30 days of receiving the item. However we aren't the original seller so you must contact and/or consult an original sellers terms for returns individually.

Requirements to get a Money back refund

Most of the time these are the basic requirements for a 100 % refund.

UPS Pickups

Whenever you request a UPS pickup, UPS will send a driver to the address along with your shipping label within 1-5 business days. Make sure you've described the defect, damage, or error and include that with the returned package. If the original packaging is still available, return the item in this packaging. To help avoid problems with the pickup, remove any used shipping labels which are still on the box.

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