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X-men 2099 Skullfire

Xmen 2099 Skullfire

Toy Biz

Fascinating to play super heroes with X-men 2099 Skullfire made by Toy Biz. The barcode for this is 035112431060. Shopping for the X-men 2099 Skullfire . If you need a great deal for this Xmen toy for your colectors, check out the link on this page.

X-Men - 2099 Series 1 Skullfire NIP Action Figure from the 1995 toy series. (Glowing Energy Skeleton) Tim Fitzgerald was living a tough life alone on the streets when he was approached by Shakti and invited to join the X-Men. Picking up the reigns after former team leader X'ian's betrayal, Tim now leads the X-Men against their opponents as the smoldering Skullfire! Able to absorb and store electricity on a cellular level and redirect it with devastating results, Tim is really a mutant with extraordinary, as yet untapped, potential.


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